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News Brief

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Illinois Open Educational Resources Lauded by White House

Jeanne Kitchens, a staff member of Southern Illinois University Carbondale had the opportunity to present on her work around open educational resources (OER) at the White House Inter-Agency Open Policy Workshop in Washington, D.C., earlier this summer. Kitchens' work was highlighted in a Southern Illinois University news brief where she said the workshop with the Administration focused on, "how to create fair and consistent policies that encourage the sharing of licensed educational products developed through grant funding so that they are available to all who need them." Kitchens went on to highlight the benefits of sharing these technologies, information and materials as something that saves money, eliminates waste, improves efficiencies, and leads to greater knowledge sharing.

Kitchens' work with the Illinois Open Educational Resources System is a good example of how open educational resources can be shared through the Learning Registry. At CCSSO, the EIMAC Instructional Improvement Systems (IIS) workgroup is investigating how states can use the Learning Registry to link and share OER among states. The U.S. Department of Education's Office of Educational Technology also highlighted Illinois' work around OER in their recently published "Ed Tech Developer's Guide."