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News Brief

Monday, August 04, 2014

FCC Issues E-rate Modernization Order

CCSSO's Federal Relations Director Peter Zamora hosted a webinar to discuss the July 11th FCC order on E-rate modernization. The order focuses on adopting measures that support the following three goals:

  • Ensuring affordable access to high-speed broadband sufficient to support digital learning in schools and robust connectivity for all libraries,
  • Maximizing the cost-effectiveness of spending for E-rate supported purchases, and
  • Making the E-rate application process and other E-rate processes fast, simple and efficient.

As part of achieving these goals, the order encourages consortia and bulk purchasing and highlights those legacy programs (i.e. voice services) that will be "phased down" as a result of this move toward E-rate modernization.

A summary and the full order are both available on the FCC website. Please email with any questions about the order, or email for a recording of the webinar.