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Education Achievement Authority Expansion Could Start in January, Flanagan Says (12/10/13) Smith, Brian

Michigan Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan announced on Dec. 10 that more low-performing schools could be added to the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) as early as January 2014. Through the State School Reform/Redesign District, more buildings could be transferred to the agency's control beyond the 15 former Detroit Public School buildings it already operates. "Through our vetting process, we are finding that there could and should be many more than 10 schools placed. We want to be certain which schools those should be and whether they are making the satisfactory progress that the law requires of them," Flanagan said. The specific schools that will be included in the program have not been publicly disclosed but would be drawn from the lowest 5 percent of schools in the state. "We will be gathering additional data and monitoring Michigan's most struggling schools. If we are not absolutely confident that a school is making progress and their students are receiving a quality education, we will place the school into the statewide district," he said. Additionally, he would like to see lawmakers codify EAA into state law.
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