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Ed Commissioner Says No Turning Back on Common Core

Elmira Star-Gazette (NY) (11/25/13) Whong, Jason

New York Education Commissioner John King, Jr., is touring the state to explain the Common Core State Standards. At a recent stop in Binghamton, he stressed the state's commitment to the standards. "It would be a mistake to retreat from higher standards and from the idea of college and career readiness for all students. That said, there are adjustments we will make along the way," he said. King emphasized the need for schools to offer workshops, training, and time for teachers to understand and implement the Common Core curricula. He also mentioned a discussion he had with Long Island students in the International Baccalaureate program about how elementary students could better prepare students for the program. According to King, "They basically described the Common Core. They said students should be reading a lot, they should be reading texts that are challenging, they should be reading not just fiction, but non-fiction, too. They said students should have the opportunity to do lots of problem-solving, and they should see math as a way of solving problems in the world, not just as something that you have to memorize. And in science and in history, they should also be reading and talking about texts in those classes."
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