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News Brief

Monday, February 02, 2015

ERS Report Encourages SEAs to Use Existing Data to Support LEA Resource Decisions

Education Research Strategies (ERS) released a report that looks at how existing state data can be used to improve decision-making processes that largely determine how people, time and money are used in Local Education Agencies (LEAs). LEAs could dramatically improve their resource allocation by better analyzing data on how people, time, and money are used throughout the district, and looking for ways to better match student needs. To do that, districts have to link specific student needs to specific school interventions, and that requires merging and reconciling a range of data sets. States already use this kind of data to create public accountability reports or inform research or policy, but not typically to support local decisions. By aiding local decision-makers to be more strategic, SEAs could help reallocate resources across the state. 

The full report is available here