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Dept. of Education Grants Aim to Help College-Bound Students

WDDE (DE) (11/22/2013) Szmidt, Ben

The Delaware Education Department will issue two sets of sub-grants from the federal College Access Challenge Grant to help districts across the state increase access to higher education, with the first set of six awards totaling $191,117 to help increase college readiness in eight high schools. More than $137,000 will be granted to a Teach for America partnership to target first generation college students at four schools-Howard High School, Delcastle High School, Seaford High School, and The New Moyer Academy charter school-using mentors and other programs. About $35,000 will be split between Christiana and Glasgow High schools for a hands-on program in partnership with $tandByMe and the University of Delaware to guide seniors through the college application, financial aid, and college transition processes. Additionally, Indian River and Sussex Central High Schools will share $18,617 for campus road trips and various mentoring programs. State Education Secretary Mark Murphy says, "These grants will provide targeted support to seniors demonstrating college readiness in the year-long process of applying to college, securing financial aid and fall enrollment. These programs, developed by our schools to meet their students' needs, will simplify the pathway for college-ready seniors to enroll in college next fall." The second set of grants totaling more than $15,000 will be awarded to the Christiana and Indian River School Districts to help educate and prepare the families of college-bound students. "Many families want to support their students' pursuit of higher education but need help navigating what can be a complicated and overwhelming process. These grants will help parents and guardians get the information they need to help their children," he says.
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