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Department of Education Unveils Landmark Program

Hawaii News Now (03/05/14) Tanaka, Chris

Hawaii Superintendent of Education Kathryn Matayoshi unveiled a landmark multi-pronged program called Ka Hei that combines the installation of sustainable energy equipment at public schools with a curriculum to complement it. "The department's new Ka Hei program will integrate innovative energy technology with meaningful learning experiences, all while reducing energy costs," she said. Kaimuki High School is one of the first schools in the program, and over the next five years, Chevron Energy Solutions will install the equipment. The school will become part of the STEM Academy at Kaimuki High starting in the fall. "The students will be getting data and information about those new technologies. So they'll be able to track, for example, energy consumption over the course of the day," Matayoshi explained. "As they learn about their technology, I think they're going to start really thinking about what is it for them? Is this something that might be a career?"
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