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Department of Ed Announces Creation of Iowa Core Commission

Carroll Daily Times Herald (IA) (01/14/14)

On Jan. 13, Iowa Department of Education Director Brad Buck announced the creation of the Iowa Core Commission, an advisory group of teachers, school administrators, education associations, higher-education leaders, business leaders, and department staff. The commission aims to ensure that the state's K-12 academic standards are put into practice successfully, the implementation plan is strong, and communication between the state and local schools improves. Buck says, "Clear, uniform standards raise the bar on what we expect from all students, and Iowa has a strong foundation in place with the Iowa Core standards. However, it's not enough to set rigorous standards and expect schools to figure out how to help students reach those standards. Schools need more support. ... While it's important to continue to leave instructional decisions up to local schools and teachers, they are clearly telling us the state must step up to help them implement these standards successfully."
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