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News Brief

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DQC Releases 2014 Report- Paving the Path to Success

In November, the Data Quality Campaign (DQC) released its annual report, Data for Action 2014: Paving the Path to Success. The report includes state survey results around the 10 State Actions. This year, Kentucky joined Arkansas and Delaware in achieving all 10 state actions. Some of Kentucky's policies and practices include parent access to student data, linking student data and workforce data, and a statewide data governance committee. According to the report, data privacy was a high priority for states last year. Thirty-six states introduced 110 bills around student data privacy, with 21 states signing 30 bills into law. Aside from survey results, the report also provides federal and state policy recommendations related to student data. For example, the Safeguarding Data section outlines four areas of focus for states to consider:

  1. Make state education data use transparent by promoting and communicating the value of data.
  2. Establish governance structures to determine data decision making processes and roles.
  3. Improve privacy, security, and communications policies and practices.
  4. Ensure educator data literacy.