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DOE Announces Big Changes to Teacher Evaluation System

Honolulu Civil Beat (06/12/14) Wong, Alia

The Hawaii Department of Education will make 18 major changes to its new teacher evaluation system to reduce the burden on educators and improve teaching quality by focusing on the instructors most in need of a boost. Changes range from reducing the frequency of key requirements to eliminating the student surveys for teachers who work with students in grades K-2. The system will be simplified, streamlined, and vary the approach for teachers at different proficiency levels, says Superintendent of Education Kathryn Matayoshi. The new system will have four, instead of five, components, with the student surveys now incorporated into the Core Professionalism metric. "These changes are just the beginning to refining this system and ultimately, elevating student achievement," she said. The system will assess teachers on a variety of metrics to gauge their instructional quality and impact on student performance, with teachers required to collect data, design and implement goals, and consult with administrators outside of class. The number of required classroom observations will be based on teacher rankings, with highly effective teachers not having any requirements but marginal and unsatisfactory teachers needing two or more. Student surveys will be administered just once per year, and student learning objectives also will be issued once per year. Performance on each of the four components will be tied to pay, with next year's evaluations impacting teacher salaries for the 2015-16 year.
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