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Common Core Backers Mount a Counterattack

Washington Times (DC) (05/05/14) Wolfgang, Ben

Although the Common Core State Standards have received criticism, supporters in the Collaborative for Student Success have released data from a new survey conducted by veteran pollster John McLaughlin. The survey found that a slight majority of all voters approve of the standards, while the percentage of those who disapprove and those who know little about the standards was only one percentage point different. Further, the survey showed that while more Republicans disapprove of the standards than approve, the number of Republicans who approve of the Common Core standards is not as small as many have insinuated. Additionally, as more swing voters approve of the standards than disapprove, the survey shows that support for the Common Core can be an asset in general elections. Forty-four states and the District of Columbia still use the standards, which are strongly supported by the Obama administration.
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