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News Brief

Monday, February 02, 2015

NCES Releases CEDS Version 5

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is pleased to announce the release of Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) Version 5. CEDS is a national collaborative effort to develop voluntary, common data standards for a key set of education data elements to streamline the exchange, comparison, and understanding of data within and across P-20W institutions and sectors. CEDS Version 5 includes a broad scope of elements spanning much of the P-20W spectrum and includes nearly 250 new and updated data elements and 1,580 unique elements.

Version 5 of CEDS can be found at the CEDS website:

On the home page there is a "What's New V5" video that explains some of this year's updates.

Some Highlights of the Version 5 Release:

  • Nearly 250 new and updated data elements including:
    • Assessment updates based on feedback from the assessment consortia
    • Early learning finance & family supports
    • Postsecondary performance indicators
    • Teacher prep program evaluation
    • Veteran and military status
    • Career pathways (AE/WF)
    • Learner experience, and
    • Learning resource metadata additions based on input from LRMI, LR, assessment consortia and other communities 

  • Tool and Web site improvements:
    • ALIGN: users can now check the consistency of your mapping through the "Validate Consistency" report
    • CONNECT: the search function has been redesigned so that it is more user friendly and the search terms are more robust
    • MyCONNECT: added the option to see the results across multiple maps rather than results appearing consecutively
    • EXPLORE: a new option under Tools called "Explore" that allows users to access Align and Connect reports more quickly
    • When viewing elements: Related Domains, Entities, and Categories now have the locations hyperlinked and a new "Switch to DES View" button