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News Brief

CCSSO Announces SXSWedu Sessions on Career Readiness, Teaching and Personalized Learning

Learn how Louisiana's state chief is elevating career readiness, how the 2015 National Teacher of the Year incorporates student voice into the classroom and how schools can build a personalized learning educator at the 2016 SXSWedu Conference & Festival.

Experts will share their experience in sessions at the conference, March 7-10 in Austin, TX.

States are working to create meaningful career pathways in school aimed at better preparing all kids for college and careers. Louisiana Superintendent John White will describe how that state partners with leaders in business and industry as well as local educators to make sure every child is prepared with the skills and knowledge they need to go on to college or into the workforce after graduation.

Louisiana is among 17 states engaged in CCSSO's Career Readiness Initiative, which was created following widely supported recommendations of CCSSO's Career Readiness Task Force.  

In The Power of Student Voice in Today's Classroom, Peeples will be joined by two of her former students to show how she has incorporated student voice into her instruction to the great benefit of her students - and her teaching practice. The conversation will foster new ideas and strategies all teachers can take back to their classroom.

As schools adopt competency-based, personalized or student-centered learning models that are more responsive to the needs of every child, teachers must interact in new ways with students, peers and the broader community. Yet most educator development systems don't explicitly address the unique mindsets and skills that these teachers need.

In Building a Personalized Learning Teacher, explore issues, share ideas and learn about recent work to define these educator competencies in ways that system leaders can act upon.