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News Brief

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Breaking Down Silos to Further Student Learning

At CCSSO's EIMAC Summit last month, education consultant Warren Danforth presented a session titled, "Planning and Implementing an Instructional Improvement System." Danforth was recently featured in a blog post by the Clayton Christensen Institute that looked at state technology plans (or the lack thereof). When asked  how to improve upon these plans, Danforth stressed the importance of collaboration and suggested that, "If educational organizations are going to deploy and support software applications that improve student outcomes there are a lot of changes needed in how everyone works together. Educational agencies can smooth some of the planning issues by starting with the development of a common vision for how their organization will coordinate their work, how they see technology being used (or not)."

The full IIS Planning Guide developed by Danforth for the United States Department of Education Reform Support Network is a great resource for states and is available here