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News Brief

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

ACT Report Reveals Lack of State Policy Around Computerized Testing

The ACT testing group released an issue brief in early October titled, "The End of Erasures: Updating Test Security Laws and Policies for Computerized Testing."   As part of the report, the group reviewed current state laws and found a lack of state policy around computerized testing and the potential for new types of cheating such as: 

  • educators logging in to tests to view questions or change student responses,
  • computer hacking,
  • keystroke logging, and
  • printing, emailing, or storing test information in a computer outside the test delivery system.

The report suggests that states take the following steps toward strengthening their testing environments:1) update state statutes and regulations to reflect the shift to computer-administered assessment, 2) focus on controlling test access, and 3) include clear and specific instructions for administrators in the test security section of an exam.