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7 of 8 Indiana Educators Effective, State Finds

Journal Gazette (04/07/14) Kelly, Nikki

The Indiana Department of Education released data from the state's first analysis of school staff performance evaluations on April 7. The analysis found that approximately 87 percent of the 55,000 Indiana educators assessed were rated as being effective or highly effective educators. Statewide, only one-half of one percent of the evaluated educators - 218 individuals total - were rated as being ineffective. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz said, "I am encouraged by these numbers. For the most part, they confirm what we already knew: that public schools throughout Indiana are filled with effective and highly effective teachers. Research shows that highly effective educators are exactly the type of leaders that can turn schools around and increase school performance." However, she warned, "There is a marked decrease in the percentage of highly effective educators between schools that receive an A and those that receive an F. Thirty-two percent of teachers in A schools are rated as highly effective, in comparison to just 11 percent in schools that received an F. Highly effective educators are vital to school turnaround and my department will be working to address this gap moving forward."
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