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$3 Million in Technology Grants Available for Idaho Schools

Coeur d'Alene Press (ID) (04/18/14) Troxel, Camille

In the second year of the Idaho Technology Pilot Program, schools across the state will have an opportunity to submit their ideas for what next generation classrooms look like and how to put them into action. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna, who notes that schools can submit their ideas through June 11, says, "The demand for advanced technology in the classroom has become organic and only continues to grow. Everywhere I go, every school I visit, students, teachers, and parents are demanding more technology to help keep students engaged in the classroom and to increase academic achievement. I encourage Idaho's schools to apply for the Technology Pilot Program to help the state identify the most effective classroom technologies that can be fully integrated at any grade level and scalable and sustainable in schools across Idaho. We must find a solution where every child has access to advanced technology in the classroom, no matter where they live or go to school." Eleven schools were awarded Technology Pilot Project grants last year, and they have two years to use all of the funding.
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