Current News

07/20/15: CCSSO helps combat summer learning loss

CCSSO partnered with MetaMetrics and 22 state departments of education to promote summer learning.

07/07/15: DQC Releases 'What is Student Data?' Infographic and Video

Today the DQC released a 'What is Student Data?' infographic and video resource.

07/06/15: Annual Horizon Report Outlines Next Five Years in Ed Tech

NMC and COSN released their annual Horizon Report that projects trends, challenges, and developments over the next five years in education technology.

06/02/15: Georgia Superintendent Appoints Chief Privacy Officer

Superintendent Woods appointed Levette Williams to serve as Georgia's first Chief Privacy Officer.

06/01/15: States Submit Teacher Equity Plans This Week

All states are submitting their teacher equity plans to the U.S. Department of Education this week.

05/04/15: New Effort to Create Free Open Educational Resources

TLA has announced $2 million in funding to help create free, high-quality, standards-aligned open educational resources (OER) supporting K-12 math and English language arts.

05/04/15: Future of Privacy Forum Releases Parent Guide to Student Data Privacy

The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) published A Parent's Guide to Student Data Privacy on its FERPA SHERPA resource site to help parents understand their rights and navigate current federal legislation including COPPA and FERPA.

04/14/15: FCC to host Workshop on E-rate Funded Fiber Build Projects

The FCC will host a workshop on E-rate Funded Fiber Build Projects on May 20th in Washington, D.C.

04/14/15: Discussion Draft of FERPA Amendment Available for Review

Congressmen release discussion draft of FERPA amendment for initial comments.

03/02/15: PTAC Releases Model Terms of Service and a ‘Protecting Student Privacy While Using Online Educational Services’ Video

PTAC released student privacy resources including a model terms of service and a video around the use of online educational services.