About NCSA

The National Conference on Student Assessment (NCSA) is the premiere forum for assessment practitioners to discuss what is happening in the real world of educational assessment - what's new, what's going on at the state and federal levels, what works and what does not.

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed into law in December 2015 with the goal of providing states the flexibility and authority they need to make a difference for all kids, while at the same time holding them accountable for results. With this increased flexibility comes opportunities and responsibilities for state leadership, this year the NCSA focuses on "Flexibility and Innovation in Assessment and Accountability under ESSA." Many states are taking advantage of the flexibility provided by this new law and designing new accountability systems. A well-designed accountability system based in part on valid and reliable assessment data as well as other measures will allow states to have a clear picture of how to improve the skills and abilities that students need to succeed in college, careers, and life. The goal of the 2017 conference is to give states a forum to share and discuss the best practices, strategies, research studies, data, and resources that support states in implementing high-quality assessments and solid accountability systems, which improve academic achievement for all students and help close gaps.