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Webinar:   Benchmarking Implementation Approach into Integrating Students with Disabilities into CCSS 
Newsletter:  June 30, 2015

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CCSSO State Education Agency (SEA) Common Core Implementation: Progress and Capacity Rubric
With the support from the US Education Delivery Institute, CCSSO developed this process and capacity rubric for state education agencies that focuses on four key elements of implementation.

  • The capacity rubric, originally developed in 2012, has been updated in 2015 based on what CCSSO and states have learned from implementation of college and career ready standards and states' experiences using the rubric. The main changes to the rubric are: addition of a section on internal SEA communications; integration of technology and information systems throughout the rubric rather than in a stand-alone section; inclusion of greater specificity in the student support section; and reframing of the communications section.

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